Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Uncle

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It all started as an Amazing holiday until one little bee did such a big scary thing.  My uncle was happily minding his own business until we heard a loud OUCH! one small black bee has stung his foot that left a red mark and made it swell up. 2 hours later he started feeling tired so he went to lay down.

When he was laying down he started feeling sick so he went into the bathroom bent down on his knees and vomited.  He started to feel a bit hot so he lay down on the Freezing cold tiles.  Suddenly Isaac walked in he felt like he was going to have a heart attack so he called everyone in.  My Aunt stayed very calm and said we have to get him to the hospital NOW.

Isaac and My other uncle pick him up and start to take him out to the van then Suddenly he Fainted and he would not move.  My other Aunt was not calm she was Scared to death that she got me and my brother to get my two little cousins and go into the far room so they would not see what was going on.  After they had gone we were aloud to come out and she told me what was going on.  

After 6 hours waiting for them to get home they finally got here and we told him he was so lucky he didn't die on this family holiday or else he would of had to go home in his suitcase.

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