Friday, June 19, 2015

Letter to Isaac

Parkvale School
Howard st
28th April 2015

Dear Isaac
                 Thankyou for giving up your busy work and coming to camp with room 20, we all really enjoyed  having you there.
Thankyou for making this camp become one Amazing holiday. We wouldn't of had Amazing yummy food without you. You did an Outstanding job and we all loved it.  Also helping and working with lots of kid would be super hard for the first time. Anyway Thank You for coming to camp. You did a great job Thankyou.

Love Ella

Letter to Miss Hill

Parkvale school
Howard st
28th April 2015

Dear Miss Hill
Thank You for giving up your time and coming to camp with room 20 we really do appreciate it.
Running the camp and dealing with a lot of kids would be super hard and you did it really well. I’m definitely not going to forget the kayaking, especially when you tipped us out it was hilarious. p.s Pipa and I will get you back some day.  Thank you also for encouraging me to go through the tiny holes in the cave it gave me the shivers but once you were encouraging me I was fine. Anyways thank you once again for coming we loved it.