Monday, March 16, 2015

Mystery Person!


My skin is olive and my eyes are as brown as a tree trunk. As I leap through the air I am known to love Gymnastics.  As I run through the field kicking and throwing the ball I am also known to Like soccer and rugby.

I am a year 6 girl small and short  but not the smallest in the class. I mostly wear my hair up but sometimes down and I love to wear headbands. I have a ginormous kind and caring heart. I am always acting silly or Joking around. I am highly obsessed with all kinds of animals but puppys are my favorite.  I love to tan in the sun like a cheetah because (I am one).I love to play with lps’s they are the best.  I play and buy them off ebay thats fun too.  I love to hang with my friends the people I mostly hang out with Jazz, Ash and Keisha.

I am twin with a boy who is very annoying.  Also I like to wear sandals and ballet flats to school. Now you guys all maybe know who I am so good work to you .  I like to be on my laptop all the time.  Also I love and I mean love to play ANIMAL JAM ok now its time for you guys to guess who I am??