Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My brother!!!!!

BANG!! “Well that sounds  like glass.” I say to myself, I walk out and see my brother lying flat on the ground with glass scattered around him and blood spitting out.  

I put my hand over my mouth to stop me from screaming. Then tears  start running down my face. My family scrambles outside and picks him up to rush him to the shower I scream and shout. All we hear loud siren speeding down the road as it gets closer and closer the noise get louder and louder. They rush inside to bandage him up.  After they had finished they raced off to hospital.

My papa and I raced off behind them in the car to follow them to hospital.  When we arrived they rushed him into the theatre right away.  While he was in theatre Mum and dad rushed in the doors looking very worried. After they heard about what happened Mum took me home to bed why dad stayed the night praying he would not die like this.  In the morning mum and I came back home to see how he was.  when I walked in the room he had new clean bandages and plasters on. He was all clean and he even looked new.

He had to stay a few weeks in Hospital because he was badly injured.  When he came home my family was all there waiting to see how he was. When came in the door everyone said welcome home, we were all happy he was home.  “He is one lucky little boy “my mum say to me with happy tears.  He didn't know what had happened so we told him he went busting through a glass sliding door.    

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Monday, February 09, 2015