Friday, November 07, 2014

Minion story

Emmie,  Avia, Hayley and Annie the Hyper Minions. It all started when Hayley spilled the can of lollies. Avia and Emmie were SUPER mad! That was all they got from trick or treating last year.  

Little did they know halloween was coming soon. “hehe” says hayley. “your pretty stupid.”
“Umm why”? says Avia looking down at hayley suspiciously. “Halloween is coming up!!!” Shouts hayley.

It was only one more day until halloween. Last minute costumes.“IN PLACES EVERYONE!!!” everyone lined up and they all tried on their costumes. They were all dressed up as little babies. accept for hayley. she was the mummy minion!

Ding dong! The door rings and the minions give the people candy. A couple of hours later they started wandering around the streets and collecting their own candy. “Trick or treat!” “Aww so cute!” the minions get a bag full each and head back home. And thats when it ended.   A long night of eating candy and dozing around made then stay up all night.