Thursday, October 30, 2014

Drip Drip Blood

   This is a story called DRIP DRIP

 One bright sunny morning there lived a family called the Antons and they wanted to buy a nice big house.  They walked down many many streets until a  dark brown big house caught the corner of there eye but because they use to live in New Zealand they didn’t know what happened in the late 1880s.

It all started when some people moved in. Blood started appearing on there brown polished walls. Little did they know, their house was haunted. Filled with ghosts that had already died in that house. Every night the family went to bed they would see dark black shadows upon their bed heads.

They walked into the house, and the door locked automatically. Their dad tried to unlock and break the door. It was held back by all the ghosts. They couldn’t do anything. So what they did was just get unpacked and relax. Strange noises and tapps on the windows were starting to get heard inside and outside the house. They knew something was going on. They finally got the door to open. Finally they could get out, so they decided to go shopping.

That night they came back home, This time there was fog and flashes of light reflecting off the walls. And all of a sudden BOOM, CRACK, SSSSSS! Blood went everywhere. It made a stain going all across the carpet. No one knew what happened to the bodies.. It was a bad Idea to move in…..

                  MADE BY ELLA

The people that moved in adventurely died. Now you know not to live in the house

                       one more thing this is not real!!