Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The party poops

Write 3 paragraphs explaining what just happened.

I am not 5 years old any more.  Oh hi there my name is Hayley and today is my birthday I am turing 6 today (Yay).  I am so excited I am so excited is my birthday.  I walk down the hallway and get a big surprize My annoying brother got the party spray out and sprayed colorful webs on me.

My friend start arriving and I still have all the webs on me. soon everyone is here and the pizza arrives.   It is time to eat.

We all get in are pj,s and have a sing dance competition (I love them because I always win).  Then we go outside and lay on the deck to watch the fire ball sun go down.  I look up and the powerful sun is shining brightly at me.

Then it was soon time to go to bed.  I really still what to stay up. So I went to the kitchen to go and get a cup to fart in to see if it ecosys .  Then I went back into the room to tell everyone what I just did but they were all fast asleep.

In the morning when I woke up I heard the door open it was my owners Dad I knew I was dead straight away (AHHHHH).  

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

The journey through out the legends

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The crowd goes wild. It is finally over I ran off the stage happy chappy and go to sit down.  It is half time and mum gets up to get me some sweet lollies.  After half time there is 2 more shows to go and they are the seven whales and te mata peak.