Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dear Diary

I shiver and shake before going onto the stage.  Soon it is my turn to get up there and dance my heart out.  We wait in room 3 until our turn.  Finally Miss Roil comes in with an excited face to tell us we are up next.  We walk outside to go into room 21 and wait.  Miss Roil finds and glass blue jar with lots of different colored jelly beans.  Finally it is our turn our rock,mai,sisters and brother go out to the pitch black stage and wait.  Why they are out the Miss Roil decides to give out jelly beans to the people how are sitting quite.  She finds a brown jelly bean the looks like poo and says “ who wants poop’’ Everyone shouts me me me but she is only joking it is  a coca cola jelly bean.

Friday, August 15, 2014



Is she cute or what?  “I want a fluffy unicorn!’’ she demanded, She holds her breath until she gets it. With a bright red face shes  about to explode.   Whenever she  wakes up in the  morning, she hops in to her blue overalls and runs down the hallway to go and get her pancakes.

Agnes and her sisters are at the table eating there pancakes  why Gru is making more.  When they finished, the girls are ready to go to ballet but Gru doesn't want them to go he wants them to sell cookies to the evil Mr Vikter so Gru and his sneaky little minions can get the shrink ray.

Agnes is a kind caring person she is also little chatterbox.  Though she is a funny little girl, she loves to do ballet.  She will go out with her sisters to sell cookies all round the place especially to vikter. Agnes has two other sisters. One is edith and the other one is margo.  All Grus girls are very different but they use their actions for different things. Like when Agnes’s unicron was at risk she screamed so loud all the glass in the house broke.

Agnes will wear any thing with unicorns on it.  She has a light pink pjs and other pink things with unicorns on it. She is cheeky and loves to play and dance around. She always tries to fit in with her sisters. But obviously she can't. She likes to roam around gru as she suspiciously tries to see what he’s up to. The answer is..

He’s always up to evil.

Friday, August 01, 2014

My brother

I’m lying on my bed all warm watching tv then hear an annoying sqwark. I look under my bed  but no one is there.  I get up and look in my wardrobe and he is in there.  My brother Bryn  is really loud and never quiet.  He likes to tackle me and beat me. He also is really annoying but sometimes can be nice.  He is Nice to me whenever I am hurt and really cares about me and I care about him.
Bryn would always play mean jokes on me and some were even worse than you think.  When ever his favorite song bleeding out came on he would sing in in a weird way. Also, every time I would  go to mum and say that Bryns being mean mum would just say you two figure it out by your self.  Then soon it is time to go in the car and go to town Bryn had a big spaz and it looks little his face is going to BLOW!!.  So Bryn runs as fast as a cheetah to the door then slams it behind the house shakes a little bit and I feels like an  Earthquake.

Hopping into the cold frozen car makes me shiver. Bryn is still in a mad mode and wants to fight me.  Soon we are in town he thinks we are in a fighting ring and then starts to jump on me.  We start to walk in to farmers and mum is embarrassed so we go back to the car and go home.  When we get inside Bryn storms of to his bedroom and slams the door behind him.

Soon it is time for dinner and Bryn walk up to the end of the hallway and says to mum “Can I play minecraft on the xbox’’  But mum says “ after your dinner’’.
We soon finished dinner and I have a bath while I am in the bath I can hear Bryn shouting at the tv.After that I hopped out of the barth and went into the living room and saw mum and Bryn stuffing their faces with the things I love the most dark purple red sweet cherries.   


WALT retell the stories we have read.

I must remember to:
-identify the main ideas in the story
-put the story into the correct order
-use keywords that the author has used
- make sure my story has told the same story

Whats the big idea?
Who- A mum,  dad and sister
What-  Going camping in bush
Where-  In the bush
When-  holidays
Why-  For a little holiday
How- They went in a car
Retell your text in your own words:
One Day there was a family that every holiday they would load up the car and go camping in the bush.  The on the way they keep finding yellow signs that said watch out for things .