Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sophias birthday

On the 1st day of the holidays I went to Sophias’ birthday at Inflatable world .  I jumped out of the car looking all fancy and ran to the door.  My dream was finally here. I could jump my heart out.  I walked in and couldn't believe my eyes, all these bouncy castles splatted  round me looked amazing .  I ran up the stairs and put down the present then went back down the stairs to find  the girls.  What is my favourite ride?

Sophia, Emma, Kyra, Greta, Kyrah, Bree, Rosemary and Georgia all ran up to me. It looked like a pack of bulls coming at me.  We meet up then all ran as fast as a cheater.  When I climbed up to the top I saw a long blue slide.   After having a little play, we went to the Wrestling cage and had a fight.  I got into a  sumo wrestling suite and so did some others. Kyrah and Emma put on boxing gloves and keep on pushing me down.

Soon everyone got hungry so we rushed up the stairs and had some food.  My favorite food was the hot chips and cupcakes because the cupcake icing was nice a sweet and the hot chips we nice and soltay.

When it was time for cake everyone had a full tummy and were about to explode.  We all sang happy birthday then Sophia smashed the the cake with a big SPLAT! the choclott went flying all over the table. Some of us didn't  want cake so we stopped down the stairs and had a little more of a play.  Soon it was time to go home but no one wanted to so next time I would like the party longer.  

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

How Earthquakes are made!!!


                                                  Have you ever wondered how Earthquakes are made?
Then this is how they are made , What happens is there is an old  women who has a pet Elephant and when ever she does not feed its favorite snack he jumps and jumps and makes the ground shake until he gets his food.

One Day her niece came over.  That night the old women could not sleep and in the morning she was sick.  So at breakfast time the old woman's pet Elephant wanted his food and the women told her niece to go and feed him but she forgot and that night he  jumped and jumped and made the ground shake which formed an earthquake until he got the food.

The Elephants favorite food is an apple and banana.

So that is the story of how Earthquakes are made and the Elephants name is Harry and the woman's name is Amy.