Friday, June 13, 2014

The spooky house!!


I named my picture/image the spooky house because back a few days there was a bit of a mystery. There was one man called Joshuah he was a bad man because he killed his wife who had a green Emerald necklace on and also killed her boy friend and put them in the cella side by side. Will someone find out about the secret?

In my picture I have light and dark colors I have rips so it looks a bit scary.  My picture/image is set in a bush where people have being killed and have not survived there whole life.  On my picture I have red blood dripping down the wall so it looks haunted.

I called it the spooky house because it is a scary name and in the image there is  a haunted house.  I think my picture is quite good and colorful because the blue is bold and stand out.  Something I could work on is maybe keeping the title straight and in place.   

I think a good age for this book is 8 years and over just because it is scary and It might give them nightmares and they will not be able to sleep at night.  I think my title would catch the reader's eye because is big and bold and pops out at you.