Monday, May 19, 2014

Lucky nambers

Main character
other character
7 dwarfs
pirate ship
getting ready for the ball and something happens

Once upon a time there was a boy called Jack he was sleeping on his ship when suddenly BANG! his 7 little ninja dwarfs baby brothers had shot open the door. He woke up and feed the babies then looked at his calendar and saw that tonight was the ball. So off he goes sailing back to the land and parks the ship off he gets and runs throw the forest to find a shop to buy a tuxedo from.

He was starting to get hungry so he goes to the sushi shop and gets 2 pieces of  shark sushi and 3 pieces of jelly fish sushi.Then he gets back on the ship and sales to the middle of the sea and starts to get ready for the ball.Then jack heard his phone ring so he picks it up and says hi and it was jacks twin brother.Jack was talking and then his twin said can you please go get me some sushi and a tuxedo jack says yep so they stop talking and jacks twin came and picked jack up.When they  sat down on the pool deck and had some chips and lunch jacks twin was telling jack that he had stolen the dwarfs ship.

After lunch they got  in the dwarfs ship and went to the ball.When jack and his brother got there they saw the 7 evil dwarfs and the crew leader said ATTACK! so they all had a big big food fight so jacks twin brother threw a cream pie in the 3rd dwarfs face all the dwarfs  said ’’you will pay for this’’.So jack and his brother got back on the ship and sailed to dragon world.When they were there they saw a man fire breathing dragon.The dragon saw a little boy and breathed out fire on him and he turned crispy and black so jacks twin saved him.They went back into the ship and jack made a peanut butter sandwich then jacks twin says  ‘’POOOOOOOOO someone farted oh sorry said jack it was me i am not use to eating peanut butter sandwiches.