Thursday, February 20, 2014

kindness boomerang

One day when I was playing on the little kids playground at school I was running on the ponty bark. Then one big piece went into my foot so I hopped back to my classroom. room 12 and tried to get it out with some sissies.A teacher came in and I started to cry she picked me up and took me to the sick bay..When got there I cried even more she put me on the bed and she said to skewes her hand so I did miss loy pulled it out I screamed and cry I hurt so so much.One silly thing was there was no blood only a very big deep hole so they put a plaster on it.Then the bell rung
I went back to class she said that i could walk on it so I tried didn't heat so I walked on it I was still crying and everyone was saying to me what is wrong Ella I just said I heart my foot because they didn't really need to no.The bell rung for home time I walk to kas care and we had lunch because It was parent interviews.After lunch we went to go and mum came to pick us up and we went to our interviews.After our interviews we went to the doctors because there was a little piece of bark still stuck in my foot so they pulled it out and I screamed.Then IT was finally time to go home


Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I arrive at the farm and I could hear the sausages on the b.q.q sizzling I could hear the dog barking. I could hear my dad shouting, “Ella, Ella!” I saw the water in the river flowing fast. I saw my cousin running in the long grass. I heard the cows mooing and sheep baaing. I heard the glass brake. I wonder if the ambulance was going to come. I wonder if he need to go to the hospital.