Friday, November 07, 2014

Minion story

Emmie,  Avia, Hayley and Annie the Hyper Minions. It all started when Hayley spilled the can of lollies. Avia and Emmie were SUPER mad! That was all they got from trick or treating last year.  

Little did they know halloween was coming soon. “hehe” says hayley. “your pretty stupid.”
“Umm why”? says Avia looking down at hayley suspiciously. “Halloween is coming up!!!” Shouts hayley.

It was only one more day until halloween. Last minute costumes.“IN PLACES EVERYONE!!!” everyone lined up and they all tried on their costumes. They were all dressed up as little babies. accept for hayley. she was the mummy minion!

Ding dong! The door rings and the minions give the people candy. A couple of hours later they started wandering around the streets and collecting their own candy. “Trick or treat!” “Aww so cute!” the minions get a bag full each and head back home. And thats when it ended.   A long night of eating candy and dozing around made then stay up all night.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Drip Drip Blood

   This is a story called DRIP DRIP

 One bright sunny morning there lived a family called the Antons and they wanted to buy a nice big house.  They walked down many many streets until a  dark brown big house caught the corner of there eye but because they use to live in New Zealand they didn’t know what happened in the late 1880s.

It all started when some people moved in. Blood started appearing on there brown polished walls. Little did they know, their house was haunted. Filled with ghosts that had already died in that house. Every night the family went to bed they would see dark black shadows upon their bed heads.

They walked into the house, and the door locked automatically. Their dad tried to unlock and break the door. It was held back by all the ghosts. They couldn’t do anything. So what they did was just get unpacked and relax. Strange noises and tapps on the windows were starting to get heard inside and outside the house. They knew something was going on. They finally got the door to open. Finally they could get out, so they decided to go shopping.

That night they came back home, This time there was fog and flashes of light reflecting off the walls. And all of a sudden BOOM, CRACK, SSSSSS! Blood went everywhere. It made a stain going all across the carpet. No one knew what happened to the bodies.. It was a bad Idea to move in…..

                  MADE BY ELLA

The people that moved in adventurely died. Now you know not to live in the house

                       one more thing this is not real!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The party poops

Write 3 paragraphs explaining what just happened.

I am not 5 years old any more.  Oh hi there my name is Hayley and today is my birthday I am turing 6 today (Yay).  I am so excited I am so excited is my birthday.  I walk down the hallway and get a big surprize My annoying brother got the party spray out and sprayed colorful webs on me.

My friend start arriving and I still have all the webs on me. soon everyone is here and the pizza arrives.   It is time to eat.

We all get in are pj,s and have a sing dance competition (I love them because I always win).  Then we go outside and lay on the deck to watch the fire ball sun go down.  I look up and the powerful sun is shining brightly at me.

Then it was soon time to go to bed.  I really still what to stay up. So I went to the kitchen to go and get a cup to fart in to see if it ecosys .  Then I went back into the room to tell everyone what I just did but they were all fast asleep.

In the morning when I woke up I heard the door open it was my owners Dad I knew I was dead straight away (AHHHHH).  

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

The journey through out the legends

JPEG Image

The crowd goes wild. It is finally over I ran off the stage happy chappy and go to sit down.  It is half time and mum gets up to get me some sweet lollies.  After half time there is 2 more shows to go and they are the seven whales and te mata peak.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dear Diary

I shiver and shake before going onto the stage.  Soon it is my turn to get up there and dance my heart out.  We wait in room 3 until our turn.  Finally Miss Roil comes in with an excited face to tell us we are up next.  We walk outside to go into room 21 and wait.  Miss Roil finds and glass blue jar with lots of different colored jelly beans.  Finally it is our turn our rock,mai,sisters and brother go out to the pitch black stage and wait.  Why they are out the Miss Roil decides to give out jelly beans to the people how are sitting quite.  She finds a brown jelly bean the looks like poo and says “ who wants poop’’ Everyone shouts me me me but she is only joking it is  a coca cola jelly bean.

Friday, August 15, 2014



Is she cute or what?  “I want a fluffy unicorn!’’ she demanded, She holds her breath until she gets it. With a bright red face shes  about to explode.   Whenever she  wakes up in the  morning, she hops in to her blue overalls and runs down the hallway to go and get her pancakes.

Agnes and her sisters are at the table eating there pancakes  why Gru is making more.  When they finished, the girls are ready to go to ballet but Gru doesn't want them to go he wants them to sell cookies to the evil Mr Vikter so Gru and his sneaky little minions can get the shrink ray.

Agnes is a kind caring person she is also little chatterbox.  Though she is a funny little girl, she loves to do ballet.  She will go out with her sisters to sell cookies all round the place especially to vikter. Agnes has two other sisters. One is edith and the other one is margo.  All Grus girls are very different but they use their actions for different things. Like when Agnes’s unicron was at risk she screamed so loud all the glass in the house broke.

Agnes will wear any thing with unicorns on it.  She has a light pink pjs and other pink things with unicorns on it. She is cheeky and loves to play and dance around. She always tries to fit in with her sisters. But obviously she can't. She likes to roam around gru as she suspiciously tries to see what he’s up to. The answer is..

He’s always up to evil.

Friday, August 01, 2014

My brother

I’m lying on my bed all warm watching tv then hear an annoying sqwark. I look under my bed  but no one is there.  I get up and look in my wardrobe and he is in there.  My brother Bryn  is really loud and never quiet.  He likes to tackle me and beat me. He also is really annoying but sometimes can be nice.  He is Nice to me whenever I am hurt and really cares about me and I care about him.
Bryn would always play mean jokes on me and some were even worse than you think.  When ever his favorite song bleeding out came on he would sing in in a weird way. Also, every time I would  go to mum and say that Bryns being mean mum would just say you two figure it out by your self.  Then soon it is time to go in the car and go to town Bryn had a big spaz and it looks little his face is going to BLOW!!.  So Bryn runs as fast as a cheetah to the door then slams it behind the house shakes a little bit and I feels like an  Earthquake.

Hopping into the cold frozen car makes me shiver. Bryn is still in a mad mode and wants to fight me.  Soon we are in town he thinks we are in a fighting ring and then starts to jump on me.  We start to walk in to farmers and mum is embarrassed so we go back to the car and go home.  When we get inside Bryn storms of to his bedroom and slams the door behind him.

Soon it is time for dinner and Bryn walk up to the end of the hallway and says to mum “Can I play minecraft on the xbox’’  But mum says “ after your dinner’’.
We soon finished dinner and I have a bath while I am in the bath I can hear Bryn shouting at the tv.After that I hopped out of the barth and went into the living room and saw mum and Bryn stuffing their faces with the things I love the most dark purple red sweet cherries.   


WALT retell the stories we have read.

I must remember to:
-identify the main ideas in the story
-put the story into the correct order
-use keywords that the author has used
- make sure my story has told the same story

Whats the big idea?
Who- A mum,  dad and sister
What-  Going camping in bush
Where-  In the bush
When-  holidays
Why-  For a little holiday
How- They went in a car
Retell your text in your own words:
One Day there was a family that every holiday they would load up the car and go camping in the bush.  The on the way they keep finding yellow signs that said watch out for things .  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sophias birthday

On the 1st day of the holidays I went to Sophias’ birthday at Inflatable world .  I jumped out of the car looking all fancy and ran to the door.  My dream was finally here. I could jump my heart out.  I walked in and couldn't believe my eyes, all these bouncy castles splatted  round me looked amazing .  I ran up the stairs and put down the present then went back down the stairs to find  the girls.  What is my favourite ride?

Sophia, Emma, Kyra, Greta, Kyrah, Bree, Rosemary and Georgia all ran up to me. It looked like a pack of bulls coming at me.  We meet up then all ran as fast as a cheater.  When I climbed up to the top I saw a long blue slide.   After having a little play, we went to the Wrestling cage and had a fight.  I got into a  sumo wrestling suite and so did some others. Kyrah and Emma put on boxing gloves and keep on pushing me down.

Soon everyone got hungry so we rushed up the stairs and had some food.  My favorite food was the hot chips and cupcakes because the cupcake icing was nice a sweet and the hot chips we nice and soltay.

When it was time for cake everyone had a full tummy and were about to explode.  We all sang happy birthday then Sophia smashed the the cake with a big SPLAT! the choclott went flying all over the table. Some of us didn't  want cake so we stopped down the stairs and had a little more of a play.  Soon it was time to go home but no one wanted to so next time I would like the party longer.  

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

How Earthquakes are made!!!


                                                  Have you ever wondered how Earthquakes are made?
Then this is how they are made , What happens is there is an old  women who has a pet Elephant and when ever she does not feed its favorite snack he jumps and jumps and makes the ground shake until he gets his food.

One Day her niece came over.  That night the old women could not sleep and in the morning she was sick.  So at breakfast time the old woman's pet Elephant wanted his food and the women told her niece to go and feed him but she forgot and that night he  jumped and jumped and made the ground shake which formed an earthquake until he got the food.

The Elephants favorite food is an apple and banana.

So that is the story of how Earthquakes are made and the Elephants name is Harry and the woman's name is Amy.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The spooky house!!


I named my picture/image the spooky house because back a few days there was a bit of a mystery. There was one man called Joshuah he was a bad man because he killed his wife who had a green Emerald necklace on and also killed her boy friend and put them in the cella side by side. Will someone find out about the secret?

In my picture I have light and dark colors I have rips so it looks a bit scary.  My picture/image is set in a bush where people have being killed and have not survived there whole life.  On my picture I have red blood dripping down the wall so it looks haunted.

I called it the spooky house because it is a scary name and in the image there is  a haunted house.  I think my picture is quite good and colorful because the blue is bold and stand out.  Something I could work on is maybe keeping the title straight and in place.   

I think a good age for this book is 8 years and over just because it is scary and It might give them nightmares and they will not be able to sleep at night.  I think my title would catch the reader's eye because is big and bold and pops out at you.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Lucky nambers

Main character
other character
7 dwarfs
pirate ship
getting ready for the ball and something happens

Once upon a time there was a boy called Jack he was sleeping on his ship when suddenly BANG! his 7 little ninja dwarfs baby brothers had shot open the door. He woke up and feed the babies then looked at his calendar and saw that tonight was the ball. So off he goes sailing back to the land and parks the ship off he gets and runs throw the forest to find a shop to buy a tuxedo from.

He was starting to get hungry so he goes to the sushi shop and gets 2 pieces of  shark sushi and 3 pieces of jelly fish sushi.Then he gets back on the ship and sales to the middle of the sea and starts to get ready for the ball.Then jack heard his phone ring so he picks it up and says hi and it was jacks twin brother.Jack was talking and then his twin said can you please go get me some sushi and a tuxedo jack says yep so they stop talking and jacks twin came and picked jack up.When they  sat down on the pool deck and had some chips and lunch jacks twin was telling jack that he had stolen the dwarfs ship.

After lunch they got  in the dwarfs ship and went to the ball.When jack and his brother got there they saw the 7 evil dwarfs and the crew leader said ATTACK! so they all had a big big food fight so jacks twin brother threw a cream pie in the 3rd dwarfs face all the dwarfs  said ’’you will pay for this’’.So jack and his brother got back on the ship and sailed to dragon world.When they were there they saw a man fire breathing dragon.The dragon saw a little boy and breathed out fire on him and he turned crispy and black so jacks twin saved him.They went back into the ship and jack made a peanut butter sandwich then jacks twin says  ‘’POOOOOOOOO someone farted oh sorry said jack it was me i am not use to eating peanut butter sandwiches.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Sir Edmund Hillary

Sir Edmund Hillary is a famous explorer. He was the first ever to climb Mount Everest.     

Sir Edmund Hillary was born in Auckland, New Zealand on July the 20th 1919 and died on January 11th 2008 and he was 88 years old when he died. His dads name is percival and his mum's name is Gertrude. Sir Edmund Hillary has a son called Peter Hillary and two daughters called Sarah Hillary and Belinda Hillary.    

Sir Edmund Hillary was famous for climbing Mount Everest. He reached the top of Mount Everest at 11:30 a.m on May 29, 1953.

Sir Edmund Hillary lived in Tuakau, North Island, New Zealand and died because of Natural causes, a heart attack in the Auckland hospital.

Sir Edmund hillary was a famous explorer who was well known around the world. He was the most famous New Zealander of all time.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

kindness boomerang

One day when I was playing on the little kids playground at school I was running on the ponty bark. Then one big piece went into my foot so I hopped back to my classroom. room 12 and tried to get it out with some sissies.A teacher came in and I started to cry she picked me up and took me to the sick bay..When got there I cried even more she put me on the bed and she said to skewes her hand so I did miss loy pulled it out I screamed and cry I hurt so so much.One silly thing was there was no blood only a very big deep hole so they put a plaster on it.Then the bell rung
I went back to class she said that i could walk on it so I tried didn't heat so I walked on it I was still crying and everyone was saying to me what is wrong Ella I just said I heart my foot because they didn't really need to no.The bell rung for home time I walk to kas care and we had lunch because It was parent interviews.After lunch we went to go and mum came to pick us up and we went to our interviews.After our interviews we went to the doctors because there was a little piece of bark still stuck in my foot so they pulled it out and I screamed.Then IT was finally time to go home


Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I arrive at the farm and I could hear the sausages on the b.q.q sizzling I could hear the dog barking. I could hear my dad shouting, “Ella, Ella!” I saw the water in the river flowing fast. I saw my cousin running in the long grass. I heard the cows mooing and sheep baaing. I heard the glass brake. I wonder if the ambulance was going to come. I wonder if he need to go to the hospital.