Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Donuts By Jazz and Ella

My Trip To Mahia!

Well first of all I don't Like Long car trips whatsoever. Especially If you have a dog that Stinks out the whole car. Also a Place you're going without Instagram for 3 days how will I last and what will do. 2 hours gone I can't last any longer the hot burning sun is burning me and I just want to be let fREEEEEEE! We finally Arrived at the beach house Just Before the Fireball sun went down and Man was sun Beautiful.

 “Wake up Ella, Wake up Ella”says my Annoying brother at 7:00am in the morning I wake up to A beautiful sun Beaming through my Window also trying to wake me up. I get out of bed and walk out on to the deck. Staring out to the beautiful flat water in a daydream. Suddenly I hear a mysterious and toned voice. A rumble and roar! Maybe it was a lion!! Wait, no it was the car starting up. I could smell the air and feel it brushing past my face. But the smell wasn’t good. It was horrible, the smell of fish bait as we pull up to the beach to go fishing.

 Trodding onto the pearl white rocks I feel like I am on the moon. To see that similar rocks to craters on the moon was amazing. Grabbing the sharp Hook as I tie a knot onto it. Throwing it out to sea as I wait and watch to see what happens next. Suddenly I fell A big Tug I don't know what to do I scream for help and and and `my Bait is gone.

 So that was my story about going to Mahia and as you can tell it was worth the long trip there but on the way back not so Much. All I can say is I got back home safe and there waiting for me was my good Friend Instagram.


Friday, September 18, 2015


The english rugby team make a big fool of themselves by making a stupid parody to the new zealand's haka. They call it the hakarena and it's really offensive but funny to new zealand. There is too sides to it, funny and disrespectful. What will you choose?

By Ella

Sunday, September 13, 2015


 My art was inspired by an Awesome artist Shane Hansen.
It includes a lovely bright sun that spreads joy over the school.  The light green and dark green fern on the right corner is us growing up to be Young Leaders.  The big tree in the left corner is the Totara tree also as you can see there are three Koru in the tree that represent my hub as we grow together. The bird In the middle of the page represents my house team. Last is the dark blue Koru at the bottom of the page which represents our wonderful school pool.                   Ella Nelson

Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Uncle

Rendered Image

It all started as an Amazing holiday until one little bee did such a big scary thing.  My uncle was happily minding his own business until we heard a loud OUCH! one small black bee has stung his foot that left a red mark and made it swell up. 2 hours later he started feeling tired so he went to lay down.

When he was laying down he started feeling sick so he went into the bathroom bent down on his knees and vomited.  He started to feel a bit hot so he lay down on the Freezing cold tiles.  Suddenly Isaac walked in he felt like he was going to have a heart attack so he called everyone in.  My Aunt stayed very calm and said we have to get him to the hospital NOW.

Isaac and My other uncle pick him up and start to take him out to the van then Suddenly he Fainted and he would not move.  My other Aunt was not calm she was Scared to death that she got me and my brother to get my two little cousins and go into the far room so they would not see what was going on.  After they had gone we were aloud to come out and she told me what was going on.  

After 6 hours waiting for them to get home they finally got here and we told him he was so lucky he didn't die on this family holiday or else he would of had to go home in his suitcase.